Alison Miksch

Alison Miksch is a food & drink, interiors, and still life photographer based in Pennsylvania.

Alison has traveled nationally shooting a variety of subjects from food and objects, to people, places, and gardens. Her affinity for light, color, and composition grew out of the beautiful photographs her father took throughout her youth and her mother's background in the visual arts. - “Clicking through the Kodachrome slides floating on the plaster walls of my 18th century childhood home, vibrant and superbly composed, is a vivid memory for me. When my father handed me his Pentax camera as I left for college, I knew it would serve me well. And it has.”

Whether raw or braised or growing on trees, her infatuation with the beauty of food remains a focal point of her work. - “I think my images are heavily influenced by nature. I’m drawn to the beauty, structure, and subtleties of the natural world. Though I spent 14 years shooting in NYC, my roots are in the symmetry of the perfectly manicured fields of Lancaster County, PA where I grew up.”

As a storyteller with her feet firmly planted in the editorial world, she is keenly aware of the narrative. Alison’s life is represented in her work an experience she shares with every client whether in studio or on location. “I know the nuances of food are told in the details; a drizzle, a highlight, a perfectly placed herb leaf are what make food so extraordinarily beautiful. My life reflects this same love of food, garden, and community and drives me to shoot what I do.”

With superb client relations and a discerning eye, Alison has established a roster of editorial and commercial clients over her tenure in the industry.

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