Nick Ruechel

Berlin-born portrait and entertainment photographer and videographer Nick Ruechel arrived in New York City in the early aughts. After a two-year tenure as first assistant to famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, he began shooting professionally on his own. 

Nick’s images have appeared in editorial publications such as New York Times Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire,  New York Magazine and numerous others.  Advertising clients include: HBO, CBS Television, Warner Bros. Television, NBC/Universal Pictures, Bravo, Showtime, Hyperion Books and others. His work has been featured in the GRAPHIS and AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY annuals and received several awards. 

Current personal projects:

Concatenation’ a series of images examining the collective anonymity of urban crowds. 

Subterraneo’ a long-term documentary project featuring people using the NYC subway system. 

TAKE!’ a series of fine art video portraits. 

A book of portraits featuring legendary Jazz musicians (working title: ”Everything Happens To Me”)  is slated to be published in the fall of 2023.

When Nick isn’t making photographs or videos, he practices Yoga, Meditation and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

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