Eric Yip

Eric is an advertising / commercial lifestyle, sport & portrait photographer based in Sydney; focusing on people and movement. He creates natural and authentic images by creating and allowing his subjects to work in a generous and safe environment. The result is an expressive and personal image that has an impactful uniqueness. His experience creating photographs in a multitude of scenarios and locations, showcase athletes and active-lifestyles in images that have a sense of warmth, freedom and focus. Whether creating visuals for marketing / branding, image libraries, campaigns or portraiture, his attention to detail and ability to connect with his subjects always inject a strong element of emotion to the picture; whether on on-location or in-studio..
The team he works with typically ends on set with beer and chips; tearing down a set with c-stands, scrims and lights are hard work!Will travel for work only if he is allowed to make pictures.He is the father of Kai, husband to Yogi Ellen and one of 3 siblings.

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