Emily Nathan

Clients partner with Emily Nathan to create travel, personal and lifestyle imagery infused with rich natural light and an easy beauty. Emily is known for perfecting the details of pre-production almost as much as the energy and excitement of shoot days. 

She enjoys working with expansive local production crews as well as intimate international ones to create consistent pictures that resonate with humanity, warmth and optimism. Even while shooting at lifestyle speed, Emily is a careful editor on set as well as in the post process, who handles the contestant flux of location set life with a calm and confident manner.

She seeks out new experiences, tastes, and locations, but also delights in returning to favorites and sharing them with her friends and  clients. 

Emily was chosen by Communication Arts: Fresh, as one of PDN's 30, and is the founder and editor-in-chief of the travel brand Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

Emily is the author and curator of the photo and travel book My Tiny Atlas:Our World Through Your Eyes with Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House. She has produced a My Tiny Atlas Guided Travel Journal with Photography Tips with Potter as well as a set of 50 Coastlines postcardsfrom around the world to accompany her forthcoming photo book, Coastlines:At the Water's Edge, also with Penguin/Ten Speed Press, out April of 2022.

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